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Welcome to
We offer top quality fashion doll furniture.
 All the furniture we create is hand forged with solid steel rods that are welded together, which in turn makes them very strong.
 We make any size furniture for any size doll.
 Each piece of furniture is made to scale.
The metal frames of the furniture are primed and painted, using top quality enamel paint.
 We have an array of top quality designer fabrics, high quality (Dupioni) silks, and trims that are used in making the bedding and other items.
Most of the furniture are signed: BASHETTE` when applicable, and all of the linen sets have a BASHETTE` label on them.
Each piece of furniture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Our commission book is open!

The Savannah collection
This one is also in a Private Collection

OOAK Thunderbird bed.
Another example of our products, currently in a private collection.

We take an enormous pride in creating our furniture.  We hope that you will find
something on our website, that you like. We do custom orders, along with
our own designed beds, so you can create any of our beds or furniture, to the
size you want; From tiny 4" baby size to Super Dolfie or Volks size.
Any piece of furniture can be created to the scale you need.
We can create doll furniture from traditional to contemporary...
and from shabby chic to elegant, whatever your tastes perfer!
We also will make additional bedding sets, for our beds, {if you already own one
of our beds, and would like to change the bedding}.
We do not make any bedding for other companys beds.
We also sell just the bed frames, that come with mattress, & pillow inserts...if you want to make your own bedding.
We will work with you to create the colors, fabrics and designs you like.
Email  me and let me know what you would like.
We look forward to doing business with you!
Thank you, Mary Su

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We were featured in an article in  Fashion Doll Quarterly!! (the Summer 2006 edition of FDQ!)
The artical is called: 'A Kick in the Kishkes'. written and photographed by Penny Azar!
If you would like to download the article click on the link below.

Featured artical

Avery's Diary (blog) by Penny Azar 'Pennyoz' 9:07 pm edt 

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